Heron Kwe Massage Therapy
'Therapeutic body work designed to meet your needs.'


Due to the COVID-19 Crisis, we are closed until further notice.  

Welcome to Heron Kwe Massage Therapy

Quinn Reid,Therapeutic Body Works Practitioner (TBWP), LMT and Meghan Wiggins, LMT are Michigan Licensed Massage Therapists who have been practicing therapeutic body work and massage since 2001.  They offer skillfully applied therapeutic massage & body work designed to meet your individual preferences and needs.  Before and during your session, the tension and structural balance of your body is assessed.  Based upon this assessment, they then use a variety of massage, stretching, other body work techniques, and often the application of hot packs and/or hot stones, special lotions and essential oils, or aromatherapy, to help return your body and mind to a balanced and relaxed state of well-being. 

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